I Love You, Goodnight

My heart, it is a metal comet
Spinning atop your fingertip,
Slipping along the surface of your skin,
Intrinsic, unduplicated, authentic in it’s beats.

I am there, though I’m not substantial,
Flashing before you at daybreak,
The pink on flesh you feel beneath your hands,
I fall across your abdomen like rain.

I twinkle, the resonance of starlight shadow
And a wrinkled photograph,
I lay there in your pocket,
A stow-away, a cat in the corner.

We are the biggest of my biggest dream,
You, with too much logic in your eyes,
My spotlight hero,
Dazzling in your jeans and in your sins.

My love, in messy hair and quiet freckles,
I take you as you are,
You, of cigarette ashes and nicotine breath,
You, of doubt, and your dirty car seats.

You are the abstinence for my hands,
Still holding, my tiny fingers still typing,
The emails that wind down to sweet nothings,
And the poetry that flows forth, the girth of my words.

I know you miss me most at night,
I know your hands are empty shells left floating,
And alcohol is the quicksand you drown
Your doubts in till dawn, where the sun
Catches our, “I love you, goodnight.”

(First appeared in Mad Swirl, 2009)