Stacy Lynn Mar is an American poet and has authored five collections of poetry.  She has had over one-hundred poems published in over 40 magazines (both online and in print) and has one collection due for publication in Winter  2015 with Pink.Girl.Ink press.  Several of her works have been nominated for the Pushcart Prize and Best of the Net.


Online Poetry Collections:

Poem Hunter (new page)
Poem Hunter (old page)
Mad Swirl
Pink.Girl.Ink. Press
The Poet's Haven

Book Collections Include:

Small Boxes Closing (forthcoming in Spring 2015 by Pink.Girl.Ink. Press)

Mannequin Rivalry, 2015 by Pink.Girl.Ink. Press

Deeper Than Pink, 2014 by Pink.Girl.Ink. Press
Conversing In A Black Cadillac, 2013 by Leaf Garden Press

Anonymous Confessions, 2005 by Publish America

Professional Projects Include:

Pink.Girl. Ink. Press (an online women's blogzine and press that showcases a poem a week from a talented female writer as well as contributions from talented writers, poets, and artists.  The blog also offers weekly creative motivation)

Gothic Romance Reviews (book review blog that caters to the gothic romance/romantic suspense genre)

YA Horror Revisited:  (a book review blog that focuses on vintage/retro/classic horror novels of my youth particularly  those published in the 80's and 90's)

In My Own Words:

 I was born and raised among the green wildness of the Appalachian.  My ancestors are part Irish, part Cherokee.  As a child, I climbed oak trees, drained pines of their sap.  Skinned my knees alongside the boys and nursed the broken wings of butterflies. 

I learned to read and write at the early age of three.  Expressing myself with words comes as naturally as breathing.

I did the whole college thing, astounding student loan debt and all.  Post-college, and five degrees hang across my wall.  Certifications, grad-school honors, the harrowing nine-to-five of practicums and internships where my twenties leaked like a faulty faucet.  

My third decade has found me freelancing.  Writing for the sake of writing because with the words comes a certain feel of freedom.  My independent press and an online ezine is a dream, in and of itself.  Monetary gain is of no relevance when it comes to realizing dreams.

I play with words.  I administer my vision via digital art.  I network with like-minded, free-thinking people.  I accost my evenings of books.  My kitchen wafts the constant smell of java bean.  I bend my head in prayer to whatever forces mend their meanings into my hands and hair.  

I am one with the universe, yet  I am also alone.  I have birthed a daughter from within my own bones.  Watched her walk, taught her to read.  She's part artist, part me.

I write from a city-loft apartment, all brownstone brick and hardwood floors that freeze my feet come winter.

I love sweets.  And I dream.  A lot.


Stacy grew up in the Appalachian area in Eastern Kentucky where her home life was rich in tradition and a close knit family.  Many of her confessional pieces are inspired by the recollections and special moments shared with loved ones.

She grew up in a home that fostered personal growth and the encouragement of higher education.  Stacy states, "My mother always told me that my world was only as broad as the sky and I should always reach as far and wide as possible.  There were always books, magazines, and newspapers laying around so I was rich in reading material.  My mother also says I was a very creative child, always creating stories of grandiosity and play-acting with my stuffed animals and dolls.  Obviously she was well entertained during my younger years."

When asked when she first realized she was, indeed, a writer, she states, "I was in the 4th grade, I was always writing short stories and my English teacher was always giddy to read them aloud to the class.  I distinctively remember one day upon reading something new I'd written, she pushed her chair back, looked at me, and proclaimed exuberantly, 'Stacy you are going to be a writer someday.'  I have always carried that little bit of encouragement with me and it has taken me far."

Upon graduating from highschool with honors in 2000, Stacy attended a local community college where she earned an associates degree in human services.  She later transferred to a four year private college where she earned her bachelors degree in Human Services with an emphasis on Mental Health counseling  and simultaneously welcomed motherhood with the birth of her daughter.  In 2010 Stacy earned her Masters degree in Human Services and her Certification in Professional Counseling.

When asked about the contradictions of her concrete studies of counseling and psychology and her professional poetry writing, Stacy states, "They are one and the same.  Writing, poetry, journaling and creative writing serve a strong basis for therapy.  I hope sometime in my career to incorporate the healing porcess of writing into my therapeutic approach to cognitive psychotherapy." 

Stacy has plans for poetry writing workshops in rehabilitation centers, the prison system and is an advocate for illiteracy. 

She has been writing poetry since her early adolescent years and leads a life rich in literature (modern to classic), poetry, Buddhism, music, art (mixed media and collage), and the folk traditions of her area.  She is most inspired by the poets Sylvia Plath and Anne Sexton and the motivational works of Natalie Goldberg.  She loves to frequent museums, thrift shops, flea market and antique stores.  Anything vintage pulls her heartstrings.

She currently resides in Kentucky with her daughter and life partner.